Serving society by providing skilled, learned and compassionate human beings with values.


Global well being with best practices in education and inculcating universal values.


Our culture is defined by connectedness, motivation and positivity of our students, staff and parents. It is a culture that fosters and encourages hard work, competence, ownership and team work. All of these when experienced together enable students to achieve their personal bests.

A disciplined environment helps our student to focus on what is important- academic excellence. At the same time we understand that a well-rounded personality is of utmost importance. To that end, we offer many extra-curricular activities to help our students explore the possibilities in the world around them.

The values centre to our beliefs at JMRES are R.I.S.E:

  • Resilience our anchor
  • Integrity the foundation
  • Synergy in diversity
  • Excellence our goal

JMRES Believes In….

  • Education is the whole process of growing up and development of one's faculties. It is the art of shaping the individual's personality through physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. The purpose of education is to teach the students their duty to their fellow men and to the community and country at large, to infuse them with a desire and energy to fulfill their duty with all powers.
  • We aim at achieving this objective which is an ongoing process. We provide Our students a vast and matchless range of various activities comprising the entire gamut of human growth. An exemplary linguistic, racial, regional and communal harmony in the school is a pointer to what India needs for national integration.
  • Our motto KNOWLEDGE IS POWER has a much deeper and wider interpretation than the obvious.
    Everyone including the school staff and the students are expected to act up to these tenets assuring honour, freedom of thought and equal opportunity to each individual. 'Flexibility, Responsibility and Opportunity' are the characteristic features of the school life that enable the students to learn and grow with each new experience.