• I need to speak to my child’s teacher. Can I come in early one morning and go to the classroom?

    Mornings are busy times for our teachers as they are preparing for the school day, so please email/phone your child’s teacher to arrange a convenient time to meet with or call her/him. Remember to include your phone number in the email. In the event that you do not have email access, the front office staff will be happy to take a message from you and send it to the teacher.

  • How do I get my child’s teacher email address?

    All school employees have their email address please get it during PTA

  • My child has a 10:00am dentist appointment. Can I check her out at 9:30am?

    The latest time to check out a student is 1:00pm.

  • My child usually rides the bus home but I want her/ him to ride her/his bike/bicycle today. Can I call or send an email to make that change?

    We cannot send the child alone and accept transportation changes over the phone or by email. Send in a written note with your child in the school diary. Please do come in person to pick up your child. If you want her/him to be picked up by someone else please send a letter of authority and we will take care of those arrangements for you.

  • My child’s birthday is today. Can I bring in cupcakes, balloons and goodie bags?

    As stated in the Student Dairy, birthday parties are not allowed at school, however chocolates can be distributed in class.

  • I want to visit my child’s classroom. Do I need to check in the front office first?

    Unexpected visitors can be disruptive to the learning environment, therefore we ask that you refrain from visiting the classroom unless you have made arrangements with the teacher. If arrangements are made, you will check in the front office for a visitor pass before proceeding to the classroom. Also you are requested to visit the teacher on PTA/ open days.