Our Campus

Built in a sprawling campus, its beauty and serene environment, is conducive to learning which inspires all to appreciate and adopt what is natural, simple and true environment.

What Makes J M Rathi English School & Junior College Unique?

  • To shape global minds in an Indian soul and firmly uphold a belief in our moral values and ethics.

  • Eco-friendly campus.

  • Trained and experienced Faculty with a minimum of 60hrs of training every year.

  • Comprehensive Health

  • Sports and Extra-curricular activities to cater to the holistic development of a student.

  • A highly innovative Library for KG and Pre-primary students.



Pre-primary wing


Headed by two teachers per class. Designed keeping in view the child centric model.

Play area

The Pre-Primary Wing has a Playing area which is equipped with colourful Swings, Slides, d, See-Saw etc.

Activity Room

The pre-primary wing has a well-equipped activity room with attractive toys and educational games like jigsaw puzzles, story charts on walls etc. These rooms are in tandem with classroom teaching and hence reinforces the concept. Thus learning the play way method is made possible with the help of activity room.

Primary Wing


The library has a well selected collection of books, periodicals, newspaper etc. It has a rich collection of around 1500 books and is increasing every year. The teachers at our School holds regular storytelling sessions for younger students. It has a spacious reading room and a reference section too.


Computer Lab

With Information Technology touching every facet of our life, computer classes have been a integral part of our curriculum. Currently the primary wing has 40 desktops. The lab is equipped with Multimedia software providing an opportunity for young minds to learn technology.


Sports ground

We believe that sports teaches teamwork, courage and the ability to win & lose with grace. It is an integral & compulsory part of our curriculum. We conduct various sports like football, cricket, and athletics among others.

Assembly Area

It is a multipurpose hall which is used to conduct morning assemblies, host inter-house functions and competitions. This space is also used for other extracurricular activities like painting, dance etc.

Swimming Pool Complex

Swimming is compulsory activity. Our pool is open to students and faculty throughout the day. Through our school swimming programme, we reward and encourage their swimming progress and efforts. Students are gifted with certificates for accomplishments and have a chance to show off their swimming skills in inter-school & district level swimming contests.

Staff Room

Secondary Wing


The school has brightly-lit and well ventilated classrooms.  As per CBSE norms. The school furniture is specially designed to facilitate good posture, give comfort and aid optimum learning.


The school library stocks more than 3000 books on a variety of subjects including different languages, and new books are added every year. The librarians/teachers assist students pick authors and subjects that best suit their interest, in the process instilling in them the habit of reading.

We have a class room reading facility where we encourage students to read on different subjects of their interest. We also provide them leading newspapers, magazines and journals across different domains.


Physics lab

“What one man calls god, another calls the law of physics”-Nikola Tesla

For any school, Physics lab is always treated as the hub of scientific activities. We encourage students to engage their minds with our state-of-the-art facility. We have adequate equipment and conduct experiments like Young’s Modulus, Sonometer, Resonance tube etc. The Physics lab in our school provides all the desired support systems for formal as well as informal lab activities pertaining to the existing curriculum.

Chemistry Lab

“You mix a bunch of ingredients and once in a great while chemistry happens”-Bill Waterson

The Chemistry Laboratory of the school is a state-of-the-art facility and is in complete conformance with CBSE standards. It has adequate seating capacity of more than 40 students. The laboratory is designed keeping all the safety standards in mind. The working table top is made of chemical proof material. It is well equipped with electronic balances, suction pump, glass, funnels, Tripod stand, burette, burner system. Emergency water system, medical kit etc. Lab coat is compulsory for students. We consistently use standard pure grade chemicals & borosilicate glass in our labs.

Chemistry lab

Biology Lab

“Biology is the science. Evolution is the concept that makes biology unique”-Jared Diamond

The Biology lab is a museum-cum-demonstration lab. It can accommodate 45 students. It caters to IX, X, XI, XII Science and Biology practical. The lab has compound microscopes, dissecting microscope scientific charts & models more than 150 preserved specimen permanent slides and centrifuge to mention a few.

The syllabus of Biology covers the latest developments and is designed based on technological needs. The mission of the teachers is to train young minds and to disseminate knowledge in the field of Science.

Biology Lab

Computer Lab

In line with National Curriculum Framework 2005 we believe that it is important in the modern world to have knowledge of computer science and its application. At the school we realize its importance and have designed the lab for computer aided training. The lab has desktop for each student and a server connected to LAN to enable communication & internet facility. For higher classes our labs cater to students learning HTML, C++, visual basics etc.

Computer Lab


Our school has an auditorium which provides opportunities to conduct inter-school competitions. It has a seating capacity of more than 400 and is well equipped.

Sports ground

The school has large playing fields and our students have the opportunity to play a range of sports — cricket, athletics, tennis, badminton, table tennis among others. We have well maintained courts for volley ball and a standard football ground.

A.V. Room

Our School has a well-equipped audio visual room. The main purpose of having this facility for students is the fact that whatever is seen by our eyes is retained by the brain more effectively than just reading or listening to it. All teachers are trained to exploit these digital aids to the max.

Presentations, Science Experiments, Geography projects, Historical places can be demonstrated on the big screen in the AV Room. It is also used to demonstrate theorems in mathematics, application of science in day to day life and many more things.

Admin office

Staff Room



Our school has a 2-bed infirmary with and nurse are on call 24 hours a day. In the unlikely event of serious injury and illness, students are attended to by specialists in Roha city. Medical records of students are submitted by parents which is maintained by school.


School canteen provides snacks and other eatables etc on fixed rates.

Training Room

We have a well-furnished training room which is used to conduct training for faculties and also used to hold Parents teacher meetings. It has a seating capacity of around 100 and is equipped with essential audio visual facilities

Counsellors room

School counsellor helps students solve their problems and explore their options academically, personally and socially. We have a dedicated facility for counselling because we believe that right mentoring and guidance can help students come out with flying colours in life.


Our School gives topmost priority to the safety of the students. We have a specially appointed safety officer to take care of the campus. A visitor is never allowed to enter the school campus without prior appointment. The campus is monitored 24X7, and always guarded with the security staff in and around the campus.