Primary School
III - V (Junior)

Classes III - V

Learning happens best when it is connected to the real world we live in.

The main objective at this stage is preparing the learner’s foundation and embellishing the student to take on the responsibility of being an active participant in the learning process.

The Primary School Programme focuses on the child’s potential both inside and outside the classroom and is delivered using the Pedagogical Approach.

At the second phase of schooling, as the I.Q. level of the child increases, the teaching-learning methodology takes a step ahead. Our purpose is to make these years as exciting as the previous years and at the same time fulfilling & productive too. The children are encouraged to participate in the broad spectrum of co-curricular activities. Activities and projects are conducted from time to time. This makes the child constantly alert about his performance without any laxity.

Teachers create all learning objectives covering a range of learning needs of each individual child. By the time children move from Primary School Programme, they will have the productive and experiential learning and experiences.