Pre-Primary School
Classes Nursery- II

The Pre-Primary School Program at J M Rathi English School & Junior College comprises Classes Nursery to Class II.

Early childhood education serves as the foundation for all future learning. These are the formative years of learning which play vital role in the life of a child. The pre-primary curriculum is delivered through the ‘NCERT’ approach based on the following premise:

Child Unique

Infinite Potential

Desire to Learn

Best Observation

Own Knowledge

The ‘NCERT’ curriculum focuses on the milestones in the areas of cognitive, linguistic, creative, social and physical development. The learning objectives are designed in a way that leads a child to inquire and seek answers. Curiosity becomes the order of the day causing cognitive and creative thinking in them. A variety of experiential activities are planned for delivering theme based concepts. We also provide them holistic environment to inculcate life skills values. Loving and Joyous Environment to give them comfortable zone for their overall development.

Curriculum provides numerous exposures to nurture sensory and gross motor skills, and also small muscle and large muscle activities for physical development of children. To cater to educational needs of children, the school has multiple teaching aids like interesting audio – visual aids, interactive white board, various toys and games for cognitive development and a series of teaching material for introducing concept that build strong recognition among children. The play way teaching methodology is introduced in school’s play area like floor games, Activity area, etc.