Parent's handbook


For the avoidance of doubts in case of genuine reason the disciplinary measures specified may be relaxed on any student.

Every consequence meted out to the students will be recorded in the Conduct / History Register of such students.

No student shall be expelled or rusticated from school except after giving the parent or guardian of the student a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against proposed action.

Subject teacher may recommend the name of boys/girls for a reprimand through proper channel, i.e. report the matter to the class teacher who in turn will put up the child for warning by the Principal in serious cases. The decision of the Principal is exclusive and final.

There will be consequences for misconduct, depending on the gravity of the offence an official warning letter sent to the parent, suspension for a certain period of time or special remedial measures in extreme cases.

Misbehavior in the school is dealt with strictly. In case of gross misbehavior written warning is issued. Recurrence of such act may lead to expulsion of the defaulting student from the school. However, punishment is administered only with a view to correct the defiant behavior of the child. The Principal has the right to refuse continuation of studies to any pupil whose conduct is unsatisfactory.

Students who habitually keep indulging in misbehavior, despite repeated warning and continuous efforts by the school teachers to improve upon their behavior will not be enrolled / admitted in the school during the following academic session. A warning in this regard will be given to parents well in time to seek admission in some other school.

Students will be liable for fine and strict disciplinary action on the following grounds.

  • Absence from class and unexplained loitering in the campus.
  • Shouting in the corridors or school premises while going from one class to other or inside the building.
  • Insubordination.
  • Use of inappropriate or foul language.
  • Any destruction done to school property
  • Wearing improper, incorrect, incomplete or inappropriate uniform
  • Staying on outside the class even after the break is over.
  • Stealing.
  • Bunking class / school.
  • Not completing their work.
  • Found with books which may be classified as obscene.
  • Late coming even after receiving two warning.
  • Misconduct while travelling in the school bus.

Striking off the name from the rolls

The name of a student may be struck off the rolls by the head of the school on account of non-payment of fees for 30 days after last due date for payment.

75% attendance is compulsory for classes I to XII as stipulated by the government. Failure to meet the norms may lead to consequences-like retention in the same class or cancellation of admission.

Any student caught cheating or using unfair means during an examination / test may not only be given zero in the subject concerned, but an incident of this nature may lead to his suspension / cancellation of admission by the Principal.

In case, a student stops attending school without any information to the school authorities, his name will be struck off the school rolls, 1 month after he stops attending the school.

The Principal may recommend withdrawal of a student from the school, should the student's conduct, behavior or influence on others, in the opinion of the Principal, be detrimental to general discipline / interest of the school.

Parents Teachers Interaction (PTI)

In order to maintain close and proper liaison with the parents, parent-teacher meetings are held in the school frequently. Efforts are made to involve the parents actively in the learning process of their child.