Student code of conduct

Student code of conduct

Each student must be punctual and regular.

A student will be eligible to appear for the Board Examination only if he/she has 75% attendance to his/her credit.

As per the government directive, students need at least 75% attendance in school to appear for exams.

Attendance in assembly is compulsory. Disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulter.

It is mandatory for those who come late to school or are absent, to bring a note in the School diary from the parents giving reason for coming late or being absent.

Changing class rooms between periods, going for PT, Lab, Library, Computer center, Assembly or moving to the Activity Wing must be in complete silence and in an orderly manner.

Students must wear neat and clean uniform as specified by the School.

Due care must be taken of the school property by all students. Students should not scratch or spoil the charts and educational material displayed in the class rooms or on the corridors.

Students must not damage the school furniture, electric fittings and write graffiti on the walls. Any damage caused accidentally must be reported immediately by the concerned student to the class teacher.

Waste paper and waste material must be disposed off the waste paper bins kept for this purpose.

Students must be courteous and gentle in manner. They should respect all the teachers, staff, seniors, peers and juniors.

Mobile phones are not allowed in school. In case found, will be confiscated.

Cheating in examination, stealing, physical violence of any nature, damaging school property and the like would be dealt with strictly. This could mean immediate suspension /expulsion depending on the severity of the offence.

Students indulging in any of the following practices will not be tolerated

Spitting in or near the school building.

Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property.


Any form of gambling.

Use of drugs or intoxication

Rowdiness, bullying and rude behavior.

Caste, communalism or practice of untouchability.

Carrying of lethal weapons.

Scooter/motor cycle riding to the school without license and helmet will not be permitted.

Playing Holi in the campus

Bursting of crackers in the School building.

Cheating, copying during tests and exams.


The following shall be disciplinary measures which may be adopted by school in dealing with the students who have not followed the code of conduct.

Detention during the break & after school hours.

Fine (in case of damaging school property).