Senior Secondary School Program

Classes XI - XII

The objective in the Higher Secondary is to offer students the opportunity to tailor their studies to their individuals’ interests, abilities and future plans within the National Curriculum Framework. The Students are guided to choose subjects based on their interests and future plans, be it Commerce, Science or Arts, with the respective elective subjects of their stream.

By now the young adults are well aware of their own inclinations.

Students of JMRES choose colleges and subjects of their interest and complete their journey at the school.


At the end of 13 years at J M Rathi English School & Junior College, a child emerges as well-equipped individuals with the requisite knowledge, life skills and values to lead in the 21st century.

Academic promotes activity-based learning in the fields of Science, Mathematics and Languages. These Programmes are developed in partnership with leading education companies around the world keeping the CBSE guidelines as the basis and following New (NEP) guidelines as New Education Policy, which gives an added edge to students.