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Welcome to J M Rathi English School & Junior College– a Learners today Leaders tomorrow, preferably, an exhilarating school of thought that is creating the next generation of thought – luminary in India. J M Rathi English School & Junior College has State of the Art Infrastructure with the latest technological and holistic growth of the students. Security is the paramount importance and J M Rathi English School & Junior College practices I-Care, a program dedicated to child safety.

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Latest Updates

  • Primary - Class presentation Std IV B will be on July 19, 2024.
  • Pre-Primary-Fun with fathers-Nursery Primary - Reading Time Parent and Student Std III will be on July 20, 2024.


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Thought For The Day

"A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness."
- ~ Albert Einstein

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Parent Voices

We are very satisfied. Our child always gets ample opportunities to explore and progress in all aspects. The school has been successful in striking an appropriate balance between Academic and Co-Curricular activities.

Pragati Shirke

JMRES is doing excellent in all the fields especially giving a lot of exposure to children. Very nicely planned and organized Academic programme. Good efforts by all teachers. I am very grateful to all teachers, coordinator, Vice-Principal and Principal. My child is being groomed very well. I feel that my decision was right in sending my child to J.M.Rathi English and Junior College. Keep it up! I wish a great success to JMRES.

Pooja Pawar

Pedagogical Model


Our assessments focus on identifying what students are good at instead of whether they are good or not. JMRES assessments take place on a continuous basis and at the child’s pace rather than through only stressful periodic exams. Assessment patterns are based on feedback from various stakeholders including parents.


Our rigorous hiring and comprehensive training of teachers keep them abreast with the best-in-class learning methodologies. Teachers get assessed to ensure that students get the best learning environment.


Parents are a critical stakeholder in the entire learning process. We orient parents through various workshops and inculcate awareness of important parenting issues like understanding the child’s learning style, multiple intelligences, and child abuse prevention etc. We invite parents to Coffee Mornings with the school principal to discuss their concerns and take feedback in an informal setting apart from the parent-teacher meetings.


We offer various enrichment programs for students’ overall mental, emotional, social and physical development. Programs range from dance, music, sports to adventure trips and field visits.

Life Skills

We have developed a skill-based interactive program to promote personal development of students. Apart from structured activities for developing life-skills, we create opportunities for students to develop their skills through co-scholastic activities.


We leverage the power of the ever-expanding network of J M Rathi English School & Junior Colleges and promote collaboration and exchange among students, teachers, school leaders and parents across the country through events, activities, newsletters and other platforms. In national-level training programs teachers discuss challenges and exchange best practices from their experience. Students bond with other students, compete and learn through inter-school competitions.


State-of-the-art school design ensures positive and encouraging environment for learning inside and outside class. Our proprietary technology platform helps in tracking student progress and connects all stakeholders in the students’ development.


It is a perfect blend of technology with the physical options like worksheets, synopses, projects and activities. Effective use of e-content to ensure the one-of-its kind blended learning design approach at par with very few schools globally.

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